Glitch on Garmin Fenix 5

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Have you run into a glitch on the Garmin Fenix 5? I did, and I figured out a work-around. Check it out.

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Star in My Next Video!

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Star in my Next Video!

I’ve got this great idea for a video about motivation . . . want to be in it? Concept So here’s what I’m thinking. I envision the final to look something like this, but with us just talking to the camera rather speaking while you’re working out. But, if you have any video of you running,…

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2017 NYC Marathon Course Strategy

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The second article in my series for getting ready to run the TCS NYC Marathon focuses on the course description – when to expect hills, when to expect crowds, when you need to dig deep and when you can just relax and enjoy the run (spoiler alert, the entire time). The first article focused on…

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2017 NYC Marathon Pre Race Tips

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TCS NYC Marathon

As a nine-time race veteran and New York City local for more than 20 years, I have a bit of an insider’s view on the TCS NYC Marathon. Below is my take on the pre-race festivities. There’s a second post (they’re too long to post as one combined article) that goes into my course strategy.…

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Strava Mile

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Are you an athlete on Strava? Did you run the Strava Mile? (Side note, if you are, follow me and I’ll follow back and Kudos everything you do, promise!) If you are (and you did), you know that in June, Strava hosted events around the country (and, in fact the world) for folks to come…

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Hiking As Cross Training (Black Toenail Chronicles Vol. 3)

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Cross Training Hiking

I’m finally getting back to it. My back is getting better and I’m able to run a few miles at a time. I’m confident at this point that I’ll make it to the finish line of the 2017 NYC Marathon. And just to be clear, I won’t be setting any records, world or personal. Cross…

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