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Running Life

Smoking and running
Running Life

Smoking and Running

Here’s something I don’t understand, runners who smoke. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand smoking, I was a smoker for more than half my 47 years and I loved almost every second of it. I Was a Smoker My favorite cigarettes were: Right after waking up After a stressful meeting After hard work With… Keep Reading

Back Injury - Out of Commission
Running Life

Back Injury – Out of Commission

You may have noticed a lack of activity on this site as well as my other social channels as of late. And there’s a good reason for it. Not a happy reason, but a good reason. The Long Story The long story is, way back in January, I started training for the NYC Half Marathon.… Keep Reading

Running Life

Tomorrow is Global Running Day!

Tomorrow is Global Running Day That’s right, Global Running Day. This isn’t a Hallmark Holiday where we have to buy a card and make sure our mother/ father/ wife/ husband/girlfriend/ boyfriend/sister/ brother feel special. Nope, today we lace up our kicks and hit the road, the trail, the track or if we’re desperate, the treadmill. Tomorrow we will sweat regardless… Keep Reading

Running Life

Is Runner’s High a Myth?

I’m sure you heard about it long before you started running, there was some lanky guy or woman in your group of friends who would wax poetic about their awesome long run last weekend, how running helped them think through some problem they were having and the most unlikely one, how when they would run,… Keep Reading

Running Life

To Bandit or Not?

To bandit a race or not It’s a question that I would have thought would divide the running community, but if you look at the comments on my FB page when this question is asked, you’ll see almost all, if not all of the comments are decidedly on one side of the argument. But let’s… Keep Reading

Running Life

Guide to Winter Running Gear

As much as I hate to admit it, we’re finally at the time of year when the temps aren’t going to be hitting 60 for much longer (can you believe it’s lasted this long?!?). And while I would like to think I can run outside in shorts all winter, I realize that’s a delusional thought.… Keep Reading

Running Life

Finding the Time to Train

If you read this space, you know my wife gave birth to our son four days before the 2014 NYC Marathon. I would tell you that we’re both overjoyed with parenthood, that our son, who is perfect, is the fulfillment of all our dreams, that each day dawns with the glimmer of anticipation for what’s to come and… Keep Reading

Running Life

TCS NYC Marathon Settles Lawsuit

There’s been a bit of an uproar since the NYRR announced that they were setteling a lawsuit in a case about processing fees for the TCS NYC Marathon. The case was brought on by a few sore losers who were upset because they didn’t get into the race via the lottery and wanted their $11 back.… Keep Reading

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