It’s TCS NYC Marathon Race Week!!

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I wait all year for the excitement in my hometown to crescendo around the TCS NYC Marathon and it’s evident everywhere I look.

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Street banners, bus and subway ads and the TCS NYC Marathon Pavilion at Tavern on the Green!! It’s only a matter of time before the statue of Fred Lebow (founder of the race) gets moved to the finish line so he can continue to watch all of the runners as we cross the finish line.

Race Week
Statue of Fred Lebow, founder of the NYC Marathon

This week is my (and our) taper and there are a few things I like to keep in mind while doing so:

  • Even though I’m not running as much as I have been, I need to keep my caloric intake at roughly the same level. It’s okay to drop it a little, but now is the time to pack some carbs into your diet. Rather than going out for that one HUGE pasta dinner the night before the race, I add about 20% more carbs to my daily intake.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! I’m pretty good at hydrating, but the week before the race, I’ll practically double it. I get to the point where I think about just setting up shop in the bathroom since that’s pretty much where I’ll spend most of my time anyway. The payoff will be on race day when I can hit every other water station and not worry too much about dehydration.
  • I sleep every chance I get for as long as I can! Now’s not the time to be out partying at the clubs. I like to bed down early and train my body to wake up at the same time I will on race day (which is EARLY since Staten Island isn’t the most convenient place to get to).
  • Lastly, I’m preparing for the Expo to GET PSYCHED! I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to being in a giant room with fellow crazies who are just as excited as I am for this event.
  • It’s race week people! It’s like Christmas came early!

Don’t forget to come by and say hi if you’re at the Expo on Thursday!

Race Week
My son all bundled up for one of our last runs before the Big Dance


  1. I’m getting so excited! My 22nd marathon but first NYC. I keep changing my mind about what to wear…checking the hourly weather numerous times a day! I have a lot of throw-away clothing for the start, but wonder if my base layer should be long or short sleeved….any advice?

  2. Eric,
    Been a pleasure in reading your invaluable experiences and advice over the past months.
    Feeling excited and nervous ,this will my first NYC Marathon.Coming in from Canada on Friday so wont be able to meet you
    at the Expo. Taken your advice and have my name in big bold lettering on the front !!
    Just have to keep saying, breath and pace myself….
    Have a great race.

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