Tomorrow is Global Running Day!

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Tomorrow is Global Running Day

That’s right, Global Running Day. This isn’t a Hallmark Holiday where we have to buy a card and make sure our mother/ father/ wife/ husband/girlfriend/ boyfriend/sister/ brother feel special.

Nope, today we lace up our kicks and hit the road, the trail, the track or if we’re desperate, the treadmill.

Tomorrow we will sweat regardless of the temperature.

Tomorrow we will go out in groups or we will go out solo.

Tomorrow we will meet our friends at “the usual spot” and just go.

Tomorrow we will be out before the sun rises, when it’s in the middle of the sky and long after its over the western horizon.

Tomorrow we are all warriors that will run breathless in parks, on roads, around lakes, on tracks, on trails, up mountains and yes, even on treadmills.

The only requirement for this holiday is that we run. We don’t have to run fast, we don’t have to run far. We just have to run.

And it’s a holiday I like to celebrate as many times a year as I can.

Global Running Day
My wife at the start of the Flying Pig Marathon.

So go for it.

Go get into your favorite pair of shorts, your most prized race shirt, lace up your most loved pair of sneaks, crank up your tunes and get out your door.

I started my running journey more than 10 years ago. Since those first steps, I’ve conquered fears, found new ones, I’ve lost and found motivation 100 times over and I’ve told myself a million excuses to hit the snooze button.

Tomorrow I put all of that aside and will just go out and run.
Global Running Day


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