Bluetooth Headphones for Running: TREKZ TITANIUM from Aftershokz

Bluetooth Headphones for Running: TREKZ TITANIUM from Aftershokz

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I’ve been running and cycling with the TREKZ TITANIUM for more than a year at this point.  Below is my comprehensive review. Do you use this headset? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new category of bluetooth device.




Bone Conductive


1.3 ounces

Bluetooth Headphones for Running: TREKZ TITANIUM from AftershokzSound Isolation:

1 out of 5

If you’re buying this headset for sound isolation, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Battery Life

According to the manufacturer, it’s good for up to six hours, I’ve been able to use these for a week straight on one charge, upwards of eight hours without a low battery notification.

Phone calls

Surprisingly good considering that the mic is level with your ear.

The Good

I love them for riding and running and for being able to hear everything around me while I’m exercising. I got these specifically for cycling as I live in NYC and the drivers, especially those that do it for a living (busses, taxis, delivery trucks) aren’t known as a group of people who care about those of us on two wheels. In fact, some could make the case that hitting us is a sport, but I digress.

I don’t like to wear earbuds/headphones when I ride as I like to be aware of other cyclists behind me and more importantly cars, but I didn’t think twice about using these. I can not only hear the music as loud as I want, I can also hear most cars sneaking up on me between traffic lights.

Bluetooth Headphones for Running: TREKZ TITANIUM from AftershokzThe Bad

As you might guess from a headset that relies on tension to remain in place, the Trekz Titanium can get uncomfortable after while (I’m talking hours – long runs or rides). Additionally, when adding a pair of sunglasses to the mix, it starts to get crowded at the top of my ear, but I’ve been able to jerry-rig these so they’re comfortable, but it can get awkward at times. Also, if I’m running in the winter and I need to use a cap to cover my ears, it pretty much negates the use of the Trekz Titaniums as they just don’t fit underneath. As for content, I’ve found that listening to spoken word (newscasts, podcasts, etc.) can be difficult with the lack of sound isolation, so when using these, I tend to stick to music.


These are my go to headset for cycling as I mentioned about and I can’t see replacing them any time soon. I wear them a fair amount running, but lately it’s been reserved for races when I need to be more aware of other runners around me. If I want to get lost in the music, I use another headset.


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