I’m a TCS NYC Marathon Ambassador!

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In late 2007 I had just run my very first half marathon and on a whim decided to enter my name into the lottery for the then, ING NYC Marathon. Never in a million years did I think I would get in, and never in a million years did I ever really think that I would run a marathon.

TCS NYC Marathon Finish Line
TCS NYC Marathon Finish Line

Well, I sit here nine years later preparing to line up in Staten Island for the 8th time (remember, 2012 was cancelled after Hurricane Sandy) with a total of 15 full marathons under my feet.

Nobody is more astonished about this than me.

I’ve been asked over the years why I continue to run the TCS NYC Marathon and my answer is always a few questions: How could I not run my hometown race? How could I run in Central Park while the finish line is set up and not run the race? How could I walk around the city seeing all the banners and festivities and not run my hometown race? And if you ‘ve ever run the race, you wouldn’t ask me that question.

I was honored this year when the New York Road Runner’s asked me to be a social media ambassador for the race. I’ll be sharing my training journey with you and, as usual offering my tips and course description as we get closer to race day.

And I’m joining some familiar faces (and some new ones):

I’m excited for the race, I’m excited about training and I’m excited to share this journey with you as we get down to.

As of today, there are a little more than 60 days until the big dance. TCS NYC Marathon

Look for my posts about the race early each week (and if you’re running this year, let me know!).

Happy training!


  1. Very cool! I will be running this year for the 2nd time (6th marathon). I love this race! It was my first marathon and I could run it every year…it’s amazing! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! New York City Marathon is on my bucket-list – New York is one of my favourite cities and I love running, so I can’t think of anything cooler (although as a Brit, I’d also love to get a place in London too!)

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