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I Have a Running Problem

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On the subway to work yesterday morning, I realized I have a huge running problem.

Here’s the back story:

When my alarm goes off every morning, it’s usually still dark out.

My routine on non-running days is to hit the snooze as many times as I can while I recalculate how long it will take me to:

  • Drag my ass out of bed
  • Grab a fresh T-shirt, underwear and socks out of my dresser
  • Brush my teeth and shower (optionally shave)
  • Throw on my clothes
  • Grab my already awake son out of his crib and hand him off to my wife to nurse before he starts complaining
  • Run to the kitchen to prepare his breakfastMy son eating breakfast
  • Run back to get him
  • Seat him in his highchair and make sure to stay ahead of him shoveling banana slices into his mouth (heaven forbid he should wait while I cut some more and have to walk them the three feet from the counter to his highchair).
  • In between banana cutting and serving, find my shoes, hat, phone, earbuds, backpack, house keys, money and wallet and check the current weather on the interwebz
  • Tag in the nanny who just arrived to take over my son
  • Dig through my closet to find a jacket suitable to the current weather
  • Grab my pre-packed lunch out of the fridge and shove it in my backpack
  • Kiss my wife and son and say goodbye
  • Run out the door and jump on the subway by 7AM to start my day

All the above to say that the first time I ever get to look and see what I’m actually wearing is usually on the subway.

And yesterday morning, I was kinda horrified.

Here’s what my outfit consisted of:

  • ASICS socks
  • 2011 Staten Island Half T-shirt
  • 2013 Philadelphia Marathon jacket
  • 2014 Team Nuun Hood To Coast hoodie
  • 2015 NYC Marathon backpack
  • 2015 LA Marathon baseball hat
  • Jeans and black Chucks

I went home last night and looked through my shirt drawer and found that of the 25 shirts I own, 20 of them were from races I ran or volunteered with. And if I were to be honest, I would say that at best, I cycle through the same 10 or so shirts in between wash cycles.

I looked through my closet and found that I have nine spring weight jackets. All of them from races.

I have two backpacks that I switch back and forth between – both from, you guessed it, races I’ve run.

And my hats? Four (LA, NYC, Chicago and New Jersey).

When did I become a billboard for running?

Anyone else have this problem?

Running clothing


  1. I have just come across the problem of having too many race shirts, most which I don’t wear on a regular basis. I am thinking of having some made into a blanket or eventually parting with them. Now it seems like every single race even small 5Ks have tech tees with registration!

    • Right? It’s gotten to the point that I don’t have the room to get a new shirt when a brand I like comes out with some new “technology” or something. First world probs, but probs none-the-less 🙂 I like the blanket idea . . .

  2. What I do with my extra clothes is that If I don’t have the room for them, I donate them to the people who might be in need for them, I have also donated my a Pair of my Nike shoes.

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