Strava Mile

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Strava Mile

Are you an athlete on Strava? Did you run the Strava Mile? (Side note, if you are, follow me and I’ll follow back and Kudos everything you do, promise!)

If you are (and you did), you know that in June, Strava hosted events around the country (and, in fact the world) for folks to come out and run a mile dubbed, well, the Strava Mile.

Strava MileWhy?

Well, because almost everyone can run a mile.

Because it was an excuse to come out and support each other.

Because it was a great way to challenge yourself.

Because it was a great way to challenge your friends and co-workers.

Because, who gets to run on world class tracks around the world, with hundreds of other runners who you didn’t know when you got there but were your friends when you left the event.

I was still injured but attended the Strava Mile in NYC on the second to last day of June and filmed what I saw.

I tried to capture the spirit of the event, let me know what you think.

I know, I know, I’m posting a video today that was filmed all the way back in June. Well, technical snafus happen and I had to recover the footage which didn’t happen until Friday. As soon as I got the footage, I was able to put the video together.

BTW, HUGE props to both Megha and Paul from Strava for becoming fixtures in the NY running community (even while based on the west coast).

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