Race Video: NYRR Retro 5 Miler

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I love running with the New York Road Runners, the support for races is unmatched by any other org I’ve run with to date.

They put on races all over the NYC area almost weekly, so it should come as no surprise that they’re good at it.

If you run with the NYRR, you know that with few exceptions, every race has a sponsor and by and large, they do a good job with creating a theme for the day around said sponsors.

But a few years ago, a race popped up on the calendar that had no sponsor and was something right up my alley. See, if you asked anyone I grew up with, they would tell you I I born in the wrong decade. So when I saw the NYRR Retro 5 Miler show up I was psyched. Now, I’m not one to dress in a costume to run a race, but I do like seeing the creative costumes some folks dress up in to get into the spirit of the race.

With that in mind, and I know it’s a few weeks late, check out the video I shot of the race. Take special note of Peter Ciaccia (second from left in the picture below), president of the NYRR and race director for the NYC Marathon. He really gets into it!

Without further ado . . .

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